Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marble Peel Powder

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about marble peel powder and the correct way to mix it so I thought I would do a little post to inspire
First I took measurements with this standard measuring spoon you can get at any grocery store, i know I should have no need to put up a pic of this but just in case,
So 1 full teaspoon measurement of the powder and 1 teaspoon of equal amount of liquid, which you can experiment with depending on your skin type, milk for normal skin, oily skins will benefit from yogurt but maybe the first time should be tried with any type of liquid so mixing with a little thicker substance can be left to an slightly advanced stage.

Second put mixture in a bowl and start whisking it, I just used my fingers and whisked for about 2 just kidding, about a minute should do, let it stand for just about 30 seconds as it thickens further, if after this you still find it too watery then you have added too much liquid and need to add just a pinch of powder further to get the right consistency, this is what it should look like

 And this is what it should look like on the skin
Now start scrubbing paying special attention to areas with pigmentation, enlarged pores etc, scrub for about 2 minutes for the first time, this time can be slowly increased up to 4 mins as you get used to the product, leave on for 10 mins, it will dry up and then for really awesome results follow with this


  1. I love your labels, as I already said. And I also like the rings!

  2. This product sounds amazing! What skin types and concerns would you recommend it for? Also, is it alright to mix it with honey?

    1. I recommend it for all skin types but is especially good for mature/pigmented and wrinkled skin types as it regenerates skin and texture.