Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ubtan Power

I get so many questions about Ubatn that I have finally decided to do a post about it...I know it took me a while...but here it goes :) _________________________________________________________________________________
What is Ubtan? It is believed that Ubtan might have been the first cosmetic to have ever existed, Ubatn basically means " a mixture of different powders that cleanse skin" Ubtan can be of different types the one I sell in my shop will suit almost all types of skin other than very sensitive skin types for which I sell the sensitive skin version...
Why and how does it work? The tradition of ubtan traces back to ancient texts in India, It is believed that during Vedic era, it was being prescribed by the Vedic Physicians for the protection, nourishment & beautification of the skin. The apparent results obtained with the application of ‘Ubtan’ gave it a wide-spread publicity by which perhaps it became a fashionable routine for men & women, those days, to apply it for the beautification of skin and later on established its credence as a ritual for brides & bridegrooms before marriage. In modern India it is still done on regular basis and has its own special corner cut out in Hindu marriages as the act of massaging body with ubtan both for brides and grooms also means shedding of the old life( through skin) and preparing for the new.
Ubtan is the natural Ayurvedic version of microdermabrasion. Ubtan is a a powerful exfoliating treatment that stimulates the underlying tissues of the skin. Upon scientific researches of its ingredients, it has been found that the 'Ubtan' not only enhances beauty, but also possesses definite medicinal values by virtue of its antifungal, antibacterial, antiperspirant, & skin-toning properties, thereby ruling out the possibilities of skin infections. It serves the multi¬purpose role of cleanser, astringent, stimulant, and skin-tonic all at the same time. By its revitalising, refreshing & refining actions, 'Ubtan' helps in the glowing of complexion and making it appear luscious, Its regular usage prevents the occurrence of premature wrinkles, removes scars, & helps to tighten the open pores. The natural ingredients of 'Ubtan' build up flabby and drooping tissues, improve blood circulation & skin texture, provide anti-aging properties.
Why Ubtan over other cleansers or even microdermabrasion?
[ 1 ]Since this is just a mixture of different powders there are generally no chemicals involved : the more organic the better of course :)
 [ 2 ]By staying away from chemicals you not only minimise the chance of irritation but also give skin a much needed break from all the harmful chemicals or damage it has had in the past.
[ 3 ]Ubatn stimulates collagen and elastin production by stimulating the underlying layers of the skin BUT by doing this in the most natural and organic way possible( rather than chemical stimulation) you actually strengthen your skin: so in other words you are actually improving the condition and overall health of your skin very naturally so it is not depending on anything external but internal strength and glow!
 [ 4 ]The fact that ubtan can be mixed with a variety of different liquids also gives the user the power to use it to their own benefits.
Recipes Pigmentation: mix with lemon juice( please use sunscreen after this) dry skin: mix with milk, honey, coconut milk, heavy cream, banana puree, or strawberry puree. oily skin: mix with fresh orange juice, tomato pulp, yogurt or even water. for anti-oxidant protection: mix with fresh apple juice or blueberries. The mixture should not be runny but rather whipped cream consistency but if you make it too runny don't panic but apply on dry face and if you make it too thick then apply on wet face( this might be slightly more advanced level) _________________________________________________________________________________

Some FAQ's
 [ 1 ]Do i need to cleanse my skin before or after? No you do not need to cleanse your skin with a cleanser before or after, since ubtan is both a cleanser and a scrub! It will be like using two cleansers to wash your face!!
 [ 2 ]Does it remove makeup? Ubtan will not remove makeup, unless it is something like mineral makeup, but ubtan removes sunscreen, so if you wear a foundation I would suggest doing this in the morning but if all you do is wear sunscreen then you can do morning or evening.
 [ 3]Can I use Ubtan everyday? Yes you absolutely can, in a perfect world I would use ubtan night and day! for dry or ex. dry, or sensitive skin types that want to use it everyday I would suggest getting the gentler version.
 [ 4 ]Why don't I use chickpea flour since so many websites suggest it? Well I will tell you the truth: chickpea flour or besan( at Indian stores) is a very common cheap filler, a whole bag of chickpea flour( 1 kg)is available at any Indian store in the US for around 5$, but just because its cheap does not mean its bad? sadly since it is a cheap filler it has become a common filler in most of the recipes all over India. I personally think it is dry and dehydrating and if you use it over time will make you break out or cause sensitivities...don't ask me just is. But you can use it all over your body if you still need to, i don't recommend it on face or use it in my formulations:)and..... For all those who do not want to mix it with any liquid but still need exfoliation I do sell it in this set....
Directions: Spread on face like you would a mask and with very gentle pressure massage your skin in round circular movements for 2 minutes, leave on face for two minutes and wash off....voila that's it, you are done :D Let me know if I left out anything unanswered :)


  1. Great post Ria! Very informative :)

  2. Your blog layout is super beautiful with interesting posts. I really appreciate your blog. May you be blessed with longest life.

  3. Hi there

    What moisturiser would you suggest i use please after using the Ubtan scrub...would a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil be enough?

    thanks for your time.
    Leanna xx

  4. Hey Lenna,
    I would suggest any of the flower power serums, depending on your skin type :)

  5. I purchased this for my daughter who is now 14 and is experiencing blemishes and regular breakouts on her forehead and nose areas. She has beautiful asian skin and doesn't use makeup. I am attempting to find the best and most natural solutions for her skin, We read this product was not good for acne after I purchased it and i was a little confused since i read so much info on the fact that this would be a solution for getting rid of her acne. Did I understand something incorrectly?

    What do you suggest we use on her face, and would you suggest her continuing to use this to get her skin clear?

    need some guidance and I believe you have some wonderful answers that can help her tremendously.

    Thank you for your time and expertise.

    Brooke Dickinson

    1. Hey Brooke,
      How are you? Yes this is a very good scrub for acne but is NOT to be used as a scrub when you have active acne i.e open or pus filled pustules, in which case this is to be used as a cleanser only, mix it with your desired liquid, yogurt is the best for oily/acne skin and leave it on skin for 2 minutes and just wash off without scrubbing. You can start using this as a gentle scrub when acne starts subsiding, where the scrub works wonders on pigmentation, acne scars etc. Hope this helps and let me know if any more questions.

  6. ubtan made me so fair and my skin is clear and glowing like a tubelight..thank you..;)..
    boys cant turn their eyes off me ;)

  7. hi, I am actually doing a paper on ubtan. I was wondering if you get this information from some particular sources and if you would be willing to share them from me. I would love to cite you as well!

    1. Yes Please, you can contact me through my site

  8. Thank You so much - great post! I live in Europe and its not that easy to prepare Ubtan at home; I bought in Belgium Seven Herbal Ubtan and after reading Your post - I will try to mix it with some fresh fruits. Regards, Karolina

  9. hello ria ....wanna ask you one thing on my friend suggest me that add glycerin also in ubtan it can be more effective she correct ? ...could i add glycerin in ubtan ? plz suggest me ...thanks in advance ....

  10. Hello Anonymous,
    this is the first time I have heard of trying to mix glycerin....I have to try it out myself and then let you know, in the meantime i see no harm in adding a few drops of glycerine to the mixture but would use some other medium like water, milk, honey or whatever as the main ingredient. Will keep you posted ;)

  11. hello! i've been using ubtan twice a week for a month now and I have had amazing results!! No more blackheads which I never knew how to get rid of, and clear glowing skin!
    My only question is, that normally for exfoliants they say u should only exfoliate upto 2x a week, so for that reason I don't use it more than that. But i've heard people suggest (and also seen it written on ur post) that it's good to use it every day. Isn't too much exfoliating harsh on the skin? Please let me know, because I would love to use it like 3-4 times a week and never see a blackhead again! hehe

  12. Hi Ria do you have an online store? I have been reading about and researching ubtan I will love to try it out as I have a very uneven skin tone.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  13. hai iam suci permatasari from indonesia, i ever read article about ubtan why u not use tumeric powder?me confuse ubtan use tumeric powder or not. actually i am very interesting about ubtan .

    1. Hey Suci, I do have turmeric powder in it, here is the list of ingredients :
      methi seed powder sandalwood powder bengal dram powder ashwagandha powder rice bran powder turmeric powder rice powder brown rice powder kaolin powder brahmi powder pomegranate seed powder amaranth seed powder neem powder
      and its available here

  14. Hey i use ubtan but my ingredients are besan,atta ,milk and water... Are they enough?

  15. Hello Ria. This is really a nice post. But whenever i use ubtan for cleansing my face and body, i feel it is not cleansing properly and so, i use Pears oil clear soap before cleansing my skin with ubtan. Is this okay?

    1. Hey Vaishu,
      There is no need to use a soap before doing ubtan, ubtan is a cleanser, scrub and a mask, if you use soap before ubtan it would be cleansing your skin twice which could lead to breakouts since you are over cleansing your skin. Hope this helps.