Sunday, October 7, 2012


So time really flies......duh and I haven't been sleeping......I am very much awake and alive but have been through hell and back....
here is a chronicle of what I have been through since March this year
1) My favorite cat of 12 years was diagnosed with kidney failure, its been a uphill battle ever since
2) The apt that I was living in got foreclosed and had a 90 day moving notice posted on my door , I know this is really exciting for a lot of people but not for me as I guess I had got too attached to my apt. without even realizing it and moving around with a sick cat with a CRE of 10.5 did not sound like fun
3) This is the mother of it all.........I came back home on June 18th to find a complete stranger going through my apt on the 22nd floor.........WTF???
4) As a result and without getting into the semantics, I suffered form a massive
5) Now I have PCS which I am dealing with and recovering from..
but lesson well is too short to worry and health is the ultimate wealth......something we all know but forget
6) am at a new place and a new era of my life and very happy and a big thank you to all my family, friends and so many customers who supported and guided me through this. I will be back really soon with pictures of my new place :)  


  1. Man that is crazy, I hope time will heal and you’ll be back in full bloom soon.

    Much Love

  2. Ria:
    You are a survivor like me. The things that happened to you will make you tougher! I will be placing a order as soon as I receive my lip balm. Hang in their girl!

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