Sunday, October 3, 2010

After traveling for 23 hours I am finally in India, safe and sound but totally out of it. Jet lag has to more to offer than it meets the eye, nose, ear and mouth, it is a total assault on your senses and self but still being back at home feels good and home cooked food is totally awesome. I want to share my journey through India here, starting with a few shots of my house.
My dog back at home is known as Jagger, named after Mick Jagger(no kidding) he is a rescued Great Dane that I brought here all the way from the US for my parents(someone in the US thought he deserved to be known as Jagger go figure), he was so happy to see me that he did not stop following me for 3 days. You can see him in almost every pic, it was nearly impossible to take one without him.

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