Monday, September 13, 2010

the cove

I think life is beautiful, every aspect of human life is not only a beautiful experience but the capacity to understand and interact with nature is what makes our lives gifted. Our ability to relate to suffering is universal and when I see something that is a result of inhumane practices it not only makes my heart cry but it makes me awfully angry. I want to share this beautiful movie that I saw last night that explains the plight dolphins are suffering in the hands of Japanese government and a few villagers of Taiji. Please go and rent this movie THE COVE or take part by signing their petition at
I want to thank the makers of this film for risking their lives to get this information out to the world and the least I feel that I can do is to support their cause 1000% and be able to spread the word, please help them stop this once and for all.

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