Thursday, July 1, 2010

results of Dosha test

The results are-
If you answered mostly A then your leading dosha is Vata (dry)
If you answered mostly B then your leading dosha is Pitta(sensitive)
If you answered mostly C then your leading dosha is Kapha(oily)

If you have mostly A but also a large no of B or C's then you fall into the two dosha category where you will be one of the below
Vata + Pitta (dry& sensitive)
Vata + Kapha (dry&oily)
Pitta+ Vata (sensitive&dry)
Pitta+ Kapha (sensitive&oily)
Kapha+ Vata (oily&dry)
Kapha+ Pitta (oily&sensitive)

It is very rare to have three doshas present.
Now that you know your Dosha's you should be ready to gear your skincare according to these needs, also keep in mind that as our thoughts and bodies go through different stages, it is possible for our nature to change according to time so it is always good to keep up evry couple of years.
Most people would think so what is the difference between dry and sensitive OR sensitive and dry, to a western perspective there might not be but according to Ayurveda there is:
Dry and sensitive OR Vata+Pitta would mean that you are generally dry but when you get out of balance you get sensitive and therefor you have too much Pitta in you at that time and need to balance yourself and so on and so forth. I will be explaining these balancing techniques for each Dosha later on with balancing oils and ex. suited for each Dosha.

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