Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dosha Test

Dosha test to determine Skin type
Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge, answers are A, B or C to each question and please keep a tally of how many A, B or C's you have.

My skin is-
A dry, thin, rough B little oily, soft and medium texture C oily, moist, thick

The pores on my are-
A small& fine B large on T-zone fine everywhere C large and open

My skin color undertone is-
A bluish B reddish C yellow

My skin issues are-
A fine lines, wrinkles,veins B freckles, moles C blackheads,whiteheads,oiliness

My skin is generally prone to
A dryness B rashes and sunburn C acne and pimples

My facial structure is-
A long or oval B triangular C large or round

My lips are
A thin and dry B average, soft, red C thick, large,even

My hair is
A dry, thin, coarse B fine, soft,premature grey C thick,oily,abundant,wavy,dark

My fingernails are
A dry small crocked B soft,medium,pink C thick smooth white and strong

My physical build is
A small,thin,tall or short B average C large, developed prone to weight

My physical activity is
A hyperactive B moderate active C lethargic or slow

My mental activity is
A restless undisciplined B ambitious sharp disciplined C calm dependable cautious

My temperament is
A unpredictable anxious B aggressive irritable C calm truthful sad

In stressful circumstances i get
A anxiety fear worry B anger frustration jealous C depressed unresponsive grief

I don't like
A wind and dry cold B heat and sun C cold and damp

My sleep pattern is
A light sleeper B moderately sound C deep sleep

People would say I am
A lively and enthusiastic B like to convince,have purpose C easy going accepting

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