Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feeling the blues......

I have been feeling the blues.....Miami weather has been strange for the last couple of days...hazy and humid in Feb, feels like July, which by the way I am not looking forward too: spending another hot, miserable summer here ! So to combat the blue feeling I have been craigslisting, (I just made that up) and looking at houses in CA... imagining and dreaming of a life somewhere else....this house up in the hills, California of course, from C magazine, of Jacqui Getty, is what I need!!
all images from C magazine 

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  1. Ria -- the weather in Miami sounds very similar to the weather here in Singapore! Hot and humid!! And I agree that CA has lovely weather :D I was so surprised when I went there it was sunny out, but at the same time it felt like there was air-conditioning! LOL. Wish we can get that here in SG!! XD