Thursday, January 5, 2012

organic junk food??

Is it possible to have organic junk food, I believe I have found a pizza, there is nothing like a pizza to satisfy the junk craving!
Dough- most imp. I have found a variety of options from Whole foods, pre made bases like Boboli being the most common( its not really organic, but is a very good option if you don't feel like too much hassle) but another option is to do the dough your self with white organic flour or the bakery section has pre-made pizza dough which is ready to go( most organic stores have this option, all you got to do is ask) you just have to roll it out of the box...
Sprinkle your counter( i have granite ) with a little fresh flour and its ready to roll
In the meantime Pre heat your oven to 425 degrees F and coat the pizza pan with olive oil, and placed the rolled dough on top, now for the sauce: I start with Muir Glen Organic tomato sauce
Ingredients- fresh rosemary leaves( from my little herb garden )
l/2 tsp black pepper( I love black pepper so I add boat loads of it but you might want to adjust it to you spice taste)
One tiny pinch red pepper flakes
1/2 tsp garlic powder( again can be reduced to suit taste level)
one pinch lemon peel powder and salt to taste
Mix all the ingredients together and bring to slow boil in a pan
And spread on pizza dough( for one pizza base you only need to cook 1/2 the tomato sauce, for 2 bases the whole can) now for toppings- I am a vegetarian so I love a huge amounts of fresh veggies, here are some of my faves: Potatoes( yeh seriously! try it, the Italians do it all the time) eggplants, red and orange bell peppers( i somehow do not like the green ones on a pizza but to each it own), diced red onions, olives, cherry tomates( i have found that these are so much better than regular size tomates, yes I think I am an expert, fresh spinach and basil leaves and fresh vegetarian mozzarella, I buy almost all my veggies organic from the local food market
Bake for 22 minutes Almost done-
and done- YUM( i told you my new year's resolutions fall apart real quick...haha)

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