Friday, November 25, 2011

fresh organic smoothie...

I hope all of you had a great thanksgiving dinner, since this week has been mainly about food, I thought I would share my fave smoothie recipe, try it and let me know :)
List of ingredients-
fresh strawberries 5-7...yum, very good for skin
one banana...very healthy and loaded with potassium, good if you workout
blueberries... a handful, very good anti-oxidants( I LOOOVE blueberries)
Raw Manuka honey 1 teaspoon ( I am not a honey girl but this is the BEST honey in this is so tasty and has super anti-oxidants!)
raw chocolate powder 1/2 teaspoon( my sweet kick...super delicious and very very good for hair, skin nails etc)
goji berries... 1 whole tablespoon very good for pure energy

everything in :)
now for liquids I add either coconut water or kefier yogurt but you can add a variety of liquids such as milk, yogurt, apple juice, orange juice or even is how much i add:

Blend :D

AND the hard part...washing the blender....:D

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