Friday, March 25, 2011

Me Casa.....

As you can probably guess....I love low lying wooden coffee tables...
Mine is from ebay...bought it as a bench but I took the legs away and made it sit on two rattan baskets almost the same height as the couch...and voila
I cannot take my cats off it though...they are a permanent fixture...if its not one then the other...
The couch of the other hand is a different story....its a craigslist find...took two months of daily looking to finally come across something that I thought could work...bought it for 350$ and seriously that first time I got it back home I was scared of it honestly...I thought It was huge,wrong color and too boxy but it has settled down after being here for almost two years.... I now think it is the BEST 350 dollars I ever spent...I love it and the cats ( I have two of them btw and I swear I will not turn this into a cat blog...) can't live without it.


  1. So comfy and inviting, I love this space natural light wood floor I have tile bummer, I had 2 cats back home but now I have a dog animals give unconditional love.

  2. Feel free to turn it into a cat blog,Ive a lot of pets and am a total animal lover.