Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ayurvedic Body and Skin Types

Kapha Skin Type
If the constitution is of kapha dosha the skin of a person is oily, cold, heavy, soft, slow, dense, dull, lubricating and thick with a tendency towards large pores and proneness to cystic acne.
Characteristics of people with a kapha dominant body type:
Kapha Skin Care and treatment
Toxins are the bane of people with Kapha skin. This is because of its oily nature which attracts impurities. The skin should be cleansed from the inside and the outside, or else the skin breaks out because of toxin build-up. Kapha skin needs to get both internal detoxification and external detoxification on a regular basis.
Things that can imbalance Kapha body types:
-too much fat in the diet, including oil we cook with!
-dairy products
-no stimulation and challenge
-no variety
-no enough exercise
-too much bread, iced foods and drinks, and sweets

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