Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There are three main categories of skin and body types in Ayurveda
The main characteristics of them are-
Vata Skin Type
If vata is predominant the skin of a person is dry, rough, cold, wrinkled and thin with fine pores. Vata skin may age faster, and tends to be dry, rough and flaky when out of balance.
Characteristics of people with a dominant Vata body type:
-quick mind
-always on the go - mentally and physically
Vata Skin Care and treatment
Vata skin is typically dry and delicate, and tends to lose tone and plumpness prematurely unless nourished on a regular basis. For Vata skin to stay youthful, skin care products used should be very nurturing and should include some essential oils or herbs in combination, which can nourish the skin and rehydrate it. Some treatment approaches to vata skin care includes having sufficient sleep, eating regular meals that will help balance Vata and nourish the skin and avoiding physical and emotional stress.
Things that easily imbalance vata dominant body types include:
-a lot of travel, especially by plane
-loud noises
-constant stimulation
-drugs, sugar and alcohol
-cold climates (especially extremely cold ones) and cold food
-frozen and dried food

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